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Arizona is home to 7 major military bases and so you can always count on the military branches having a strong presence at the County Fair. Often they'll have a few booths set up with contests and prizes like Most pull-ups, Most push-ups and other tests of strength. Both the Army and the Marine Corps have bases in Yuma County. The Army's Yuma Proving Ground is one of the biggest bases in the world, spreading over two counties and covering almost 3,400 square kilometers. Along with the 5 other bases throughout Arizona, there are also multiple military academies. This makes Arizona a very military-friendly state and so the availability of military loans is very high. Many local banks and credit unions offer loans to military personnel, just like they do for civilians, but if you are an active serviceman or veteran, it pays to do some research. Special military loans can be available at greatly reduced rates or with special terms to accommodate soldiers.
When looking for a military loan, a good place to start may be on-base, by talking to your friends or community liaisons. Another great place to get information on military loans would be at the Armed Forces booths at the Yuma County Fair. The folks manning the booths are typically very knowledgeable about the community and special programs or offers for servicemen.

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