Eva Olvera & Elisha Lillard Wedding

17 March 2012

Yuma Art Center,  254 S. Main Street, Yuma, Arizona 85364, Phone: (928) 373-5202
 Shaving  Shopping

Grooming Page

 Celebrating  Cinderella Group Gala

Public Display of Affection (PDA) 

Wedding Party Page 

Vailed Kiss

 Puddle Jumper

 Father of the Bride, Walk down the Aisle

Ceremony Page 1

 Bouque Catch, Trip & Slip, It's a Hand Up, not a Hand Out

Ceremony Page 2

 Cake Cutting

Ceremony Page 3

 L is for Lillard

Lillard 135mm Page


Lillard 200mm Page

 Guitar Practice Video

Guitar Practice Video


Tie Video

 Proceed to Register 2 with the White Sox

Register 2 White Sox Video

Please leave the Municipal Golf Course

Municipal Golf Course Video 

Wedding Serenade

Wedding Serenade Video


To view a Sam's Club Photo Book, click on the image below,

Eva Olvera and Elisha Lillard PhotoBook (04/16/2012)

You can also play a slideshow.